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 Features and Benefit


  The Benefits of Electronic invoicing for the enterprise

1. Lowering the cost: reducing paper, replace cash register paper rolls for stub.

2. Data retention: E-Invoice Platform of Ministry of Finanace has invoice records, no longer worry in losing or damaging hard copy invoice. Achieving the merchant truly to declare Business Income.

3. Improving efficiency: saving affairs of sorting invoice and verifying account through systematic management.

 Electronic invoicing application process:

1. Professional consultation provides recommendations based on requirements.
2. Obtain Business certificate from Ministry of Economic Affairs, online application for services of E-Invoice integration platform.

3. Apply for Turnkey Transmission, download and install Turnkey and test.

4. Apply for Alphanumeric Numbers to National Taxation Bureau test and submit for approval.

5. Log in certificate to obtain Alphanumeric Numbers and issue cloud invoice.


 System Structure: