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 Features and Benefit

  Are you still using traditional manual accounting?

Manual accounting is easy to omit, and it takes time and effort to check customers' remittances. The more customers are, the more likely they are to make more mistakes.

You have a better choice, using the BO keeper. He is a customer management system and an automatic reconciliation system. We collect hundreds of company operating experiences and carefully design a simple, intuitive and easy-to-use system interface to help you manage your customers efficiently and quickly. Information and accounting information, real-time management of accounts receivable, all the reports easily generated by a key, to help your company use the lowest cost, to create the greatest benefits.


 Benefit 1:

 Using basic data functions to manage customers will not be overlooked.

 Benefit 2:

 One-click auto-generation of reports, details and payments at a glance, convenient and fast.

 Benefit 3:

 The money is transferred to the virtual account and the system automatically reconciles. Notify recipients and contributors that money has been received

 Benefit 4:

 Not limited by time and space.Fast and efficient.Don't worry about the wrong amount.

 Setting method: