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 Product/Service Features and Benefits

There are rent disputes happen in recent years, how landlords protect their rights and interests?
Renter’s House Management achieves “Landlord is relieved to rent and Tenant is relieved to live.”

 Benefit 1: Automated extensions mechanism

 To inform tenants of automated extensions mechanism when signing the lease that as long as the rent is remitted the electronic lock system will be extended automatically so that tenants can get in. Although a landlord is not there in person, managing tenants effectively to pay rent on time, there’s no need to be worried about bad tenants any more. Tenant screening to find quality tenants.

 Benefit 2: Automated Matching, immediate notification

 Getting rid of bother checking the last five digits of bank account numbers when collecting rents, are there many transfers from uncertain tenants? By granting tenants their exclusive virtual accounts, paying rent and verifying accounts with ease.
(1) Exclusive virtual accounts make paying rent and verifying accounts easy: each tenant has an exclusive virtual account, paying rent by using the ATMs or by remittance.

(2) LINE Push Notification: after the rent being remitted, the system compare automatically which tenant paid the rent, and then notify landlord immediately through LINE Push Notification.

(3) Easy management, relieved payment collection: system automation, do not need manual checking the last five digits of bank account numbers of remittances one by one to avoid disputes.

(4) Transferring money by remittance to save time for calculating accounts every month, sending notification reminders for paying rent to tenants every month can also look the records up.

 Benefit 3: LINE In and Out notification

  Were you worried about that ex-boyfriend (girlfriend) to stay at home in the closet? Do you hope to receive LINE notification when family getting home? Renter’s House Management has good ways to solve it.

(1) Getting in and out records: LINE immediate notification as soon as roommates or children getting home.

(2) Exception notification: LINE immediate exception notification when it founds the wrong persons attempt to get in.

(3) Temporary password: during Business hours or under special circumstances someone need to get in first, system can send a one-time temporary password and record the special circumstance this time.

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