Corporate services Q&A

Q:I have a house with five suites, do I have to install five door locks?

A:Depending on management needs to install a lock on front door only to save hardware cost or five door locks for each suite, both ways achieve results.

Q:I am worried about electronic lock went dead due to a sudden power outage, can such situations be avoided?

A:In general, an announcement for power outage will be made in advance.You can also add to install UPS System to maintain power for 4-7 hours to get through an unexpected power outage.

Q:Is the electronic lock stable? How long is the warranty period?

A:The electronic lock comes with a one-year warranty, is manufactured by SOYAL TECHNOLOGY with very high market share in Taiwan also with high stability.

Q:Is the access card safe and will it be copied in lock shop?

A:The access card we provide is unable to copy, there’s no need to be worried.

Q:Can I get in by using other card or password besides the access card?

A:After simple setups, tenants can use their EasyCard or iPASS Card to be unique cards to get in.

Q:Will it be very troublesome to install the electronic lock? How much does it cost?

A:In principle, there are companies of light current engineering cooperate with us in each area, its cost will depend on case difficulty about 3,500~5,500. It is recommended to be installed by companies have cooperated with us before to ensure maintenance services.

Q:Are there any restricted specifications of the door for the electronic lock?

A:General doors (wood, etc.) can be installed in principle. Please click the link below for cases pictures of installed.

Q:Some electronic locks have APP, do you have APP?

A:After Cili’s services for years we got feedback form Rental housing management business traders and landlords that when using it in practice landlords care about most are “Has the rent remitted?” “When the rent will be remitted?” ,and efficient management of acess control (functions of the lease period is automatically extended after the rent is remitted, disconnection notification, temporary password changed notification, rent revenue report, etc.) We did have APP previously but now have changed into LINE notification directly that no need to download APP is more convenient.

Q:Can Renter’s House Management System be used for a house only?

A:Yes, it can, and you can experience a great value at our discounted price.

Q:Which companies are you currently serving?

A:We have served many customers,The best-known freight company with FamilyMart-HIT Logistics and Taisun Enterprise Co's innovative logistics,and 全達 Tour bus company.
They are all leaders in the transportation and logistics industry. So our products in terms of quality and professionalism is a certain reputation.

Q:Why do you need business diagnosis??

A:Enterprise diagnostic consulting services help you analyze problems, provide the most efficient solutions in the shortest possible time, provide improved solutions after finding problems, and increase efficiency and competitiveness.

Q:What can Cili Information Inc. do for me?

A:CILI International Limited can develop a system for you to unify and systemize all your company's resources. Promote the integration of internal and external work, reduce costs, increase the competitiveness of enterprises, replace tedious and fixed work systems, and increase efficiency. Our product information will be described in more detail.

Q:Are your customized systems more powerful than others?

A: Our customized system gives customers high-quality, high-quality services.

The professional commercial software we develop has the following special features:

(1)planning and design required for the customer, so that customers can get the maximum benefits and efficiency

(2)Complete the development according to the customer's needs, and spend every penny on the functions you need

(3)Report regularly to customers during the production process

(4)Technology with related programs and source code,new features for future additions and changes, maintenance can be immediate

Q:What happens if I don't use function?Is not this overpaying money??

A: We can tailor the system to your needs.

All of these softwares can be purchased and adjusted according to requirements.

It depends entirely on the needs of our customers.

We dare to guarantee that what you buy is absolutely a penny and a delivery!

 System features Q&A

Q:What is ERP?

A: In business operations, there are often problems with difficult integration of information.

For example, huge cost calculations, orders, purchases, etc. cannot be effectively mastered.

This leads to a decrease in overall productivity, returns, and unsalable sales. At the same time,there is no good interaction with customers, resulting in the company gradually losing important customers and trust.

The lack of standards in its project management will also result in the omission of internal and external human and material resources.

Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP)is the necessary system in the current business management.

This system can bring benefits to the company, integrate information and value-added services.

It also produces substantial work, profit-making benefits, and further develops business results.

Q:Do I need to use a professional system to manage my noodle shop or pet supply store??

A: Any company or business can use ERP or POS system the management of incoming and outgoing shipments and the control of staff have greatly increased the efficiency of the company.
For example, if you are a busy noodle shop,in the morning, the opening and dining kitchens were busy.

How much time does it take to calculate the cost of pipelines and how can we accurately measure the revenue?

However, if a POS system is used, guests have recorded a sum of money spent on the meal.

After a day's running account is done by a computer, you can reduce the calculation errors in finding money.

Q:should ERP system have a good feature?

A: A total of three kinds are:

In order to deal with the risk of exchange rate changes brought about by international business, The risk of changing profit margins, For example, various exchange rates cannot be implemented immediately.Various domestic customer orders and various transactions (including accounts receivable, accounts payable, general ledger, etc.) as a result of exchange rate fluctuations or slow operations, corporate profits will also shrink. In the ERP state, the data will be linked and updated at any time, and each relevant person can always know the latest information.

In the ERP state, the integration of various information will provide the necessary conditions for decision making. ERP integrates incomplete information,easy connection makes budgeting and planning more precise. The control is more accurate, it also makes the difference between the actually occurring figures and the budget,management control is easier and faster.

The ERP system's accounting subsystem integrates financial accounting, management accounting, and cost accounting. It is also integrated with other subsystems. This kind of system integration and the provision of information in its system are conducive to the financial analysis and prediction.

Q:Will expensive systems from big foreign manufacturers apply?

A:If a company fails to achieve the goal and effectiveness of the original purchase of ERP systems, it will destroy the morale of the company’s employees and disrupt the original operation of the company. After actually contacting the customer, the company found that before we had an average of 1.5 information system failures, only a deep understanding of the industrial background, internal processes, and corporate culture can make the information system truly function. Therefore, through queries and inquiries, choosing a system that is suitable for your own company will enable you to increase your revenue, and Hi-Tech International will have an experienced team to communicate with you.

 Computer hardware Q&A

Q:Why does it not work when the computer is used for a long time?

A:When users do not use good habits, it will increase the computer's performance burden. If users do not have computer knowledge to know how to maintain their own computer equipment, over time, computers will tend to be slow and easy to use for a long time.
Fixed the habit of organizing the desktop, clearing out cookies, web records, but also allows the restore system to help you maintain your computer. The latest backup and recovery technologies include virtual machine protection, data deduplication, bare-metal recovery, replication, and archiving, no more poisoning and one-click completion, and easy operation.

Q:If I buy software for your home, must I use the hardware of your home??

A:We will analyze the specifications of your computer equipment first, and usually save resources for your consideration. After all, every cost should be actuarially calculated. If your equipment does not meet the standards for building a system, you will be advised to re-purchase the system as a host. Make sure that the new device is running more conducive to system operation.。

Q:Buy your computer enjoy what services it?

A:When you purchase our company’s computer,We will choose the right equipment for you based on your needs! We always purchase from the original factory when we purchase, so that your computer can guarantee the original factory warranty time. In addition, a special gift of one year cili International Information Company warranty repair, and then help you ship will be affixed with our warranty stickers, enjoy future warranty service。

Q:Backup data and protection concerns?

A:Information is a valuable asset. You can't be sloppy when it comes to preservation. Of course, backup of data is extremely important. Usually, we will adopt the following preservation mechanism when we help customers build systems.

(1)Host save (this is the most basic storage method)

(2)Save in different places: We help you to set up your host computer at another place. At a fixed time, the data will be transmitted to the second host to save the backup.

(3)Save with your hard drive (We will advise customers to back up their own if necessary)

However, regardless of the meticulous "backup", there are basically some risks in the backup of the host computer. Secondly, most of the customers do not have the patience to focus on backing up the data, so "cloud backup This has become the new darling of the company's choice of storage data in recent years. As long as it is set, the customer's data will be uploaded to the cloud server host at a fixed time for preservation, eliminating the need for manual backups and computer crashes and man-made destruction. risk.