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 Features and Benefit


  『Salary Management Systesave manpower and time,reduce repetitive work and loss of human resources.

 monthly statistics on employee wages and absenteeism,Save the time at the end of the month to calculate payments and production reports


System Structure:



 Benefit 1: Improve Efficiency

 Use the system to control and reduce paper operations and send documents from the electronic form to speed up the signing process.

 Benefit 2: Clear At A Glance

  Employers can enter the system at any time to check the employee’s absence.No need to pass HR units.

 Benefit 3: Fast Calculations And Low Error Rates

  System low error rates ane the settlement wages can be calculated in a matter of hours.

 Benefit 4: Save Human Effort

  Reports can be run out of the system at any time to compare employee pay adjustments, eliminating the need to spend time on data clipping。