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Features and Benefit


 POS system is a set of store management system that enterprises must have. The manager can clearly grasp the sales status of various commodities, real-time returns on inventory, consumption details, invoice management, query entry and return details, complete inventory inventory, etc. .


 System Structure:

  Features 1: suppliers and customer systems help to improve information flow create relationships with each other. For example, procurement operations among suppliers, control of customer credit lines.

Features 2: Not only can sales management and dead stock be analyzed and managed through the sales management system. Through the mastery of customer numbers, customer management operations are conducted.

Ensure turnover and profits, and can prepare a variety of sales analysis reports,in order to adjust marketing strategy and business direction, establish correct business objectives.

Features 3: Systematize the ordering process and reduce the prejudice of orderers due to subjective awareness. Achieve the right amount of real-time purchase requirements, through the establishment of an inventory management system, can reduce backlogs and inventory backlogs,reduce inventory costs, reduce consumption, and use storage space more efficiently.