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  Cili Information Inc. won a small enterprise innovation and research and development program. Currently, it is developing the “Good Luck” App. The software integrates the transportation management system and allows the cooperative logistics and tour company to integrate with the App. Get the entire station travel schedule, shipping status, absence and attendance records.

 The 105th annual local SBIR in Hsinchu City held a signing press conference today. Mayor Lin Zhijian stated that 34 companies will be selected this year to give subsidies, and the subsidy rate will be as high as 60%. He hopes to assist the manufacturers to increase their innovation and R&D energy; Deputy Mayor Shen Huihong also expects the 34 companies that have been subsidized this year to "stand on the ground in a small soldier" and become the pride of Hsinchu City.

  The 108th annual Business Season event held by Shilin High School of Commerce was first-time adoption of software and hardware appliances of Cili Information Inc., combined POS machine with stock sales and billing of experimental shop also added to grant multi-use vouchers and built up electronic mall that have earned popular recognition.

  The “Hsinchu City SBIR Achievement Conference” held by Hsinchu City Government on August 25th, 2020 gathered thirty project execution companies, it displayed the effect that Central Government collaborates with Hsinchu City Government to devote efforts to local industry, the enterprise earned recognition for their plentiful achievements of research and development. It also hopes to lead Hsinchu City to spur Industry Transformation through this event.

  Cili Information Inc. has been assisting Business Management Department of Shilin High School of Commerce in setting up POS System Classroom, counselling and training students on how to be practised in using POS system. 林彩鳳, head of Business Management Department submitted the processes to the 109th annual Taipei City Top 100 Value School Administrative Story” and was awarded the Excellence Award and the Golden Hand Award of Business Briefing of National Business High School Skills Competition.

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  When people talk about information, they often give people a professional image, and companies often feel distrust because of lack of information. Cili Information Inc also believes that with more than 10 years of practical experience, the team of engineers pays special attention to how to make users feel convenient and can really provide effective help to the practice of business operations!

  The company has served many customers and has more than ten years of history in the transportation express delivery industry. Its customer base spreads across northern Taiwan, including Taipei, Taoyuan, Hsinchu, and Miaoli, and is mostly large-scale customers. The jewellery industry, video game farms and environmental engineering related industries also have service experience and are committed to becoming the best information partner in various industries.

 The biggest difference between our company and other companies is that "only you can't think of it, you can't do it".

  Every development and design of Cili Information Inc is the brainchild of constant trials and challenges. It is often found after actual contact with customers that there are 1.5 information system failure experiences on average before us.This makes it even more difficult for the government to understand the industrial background, internal processes, and corporate culture in order to allow the information system to truly function.。

  Cili’s Future

  Cili to provide customized system integration and consulting services to help companies create a competitive advantage for the industry. Based on our business attitude of conscientiousness and dedication to progress, we are committed to being the "best partner for creating competitive advantages for our companies." The global layout of modern companies strives for the market and forms a corporate alliance integration model. However, cross-departmental, cross-enterprise, and cross-border cross-linking are required everywhere within a company to coordinate operations between companies. Therefore, they need to be able to respond quickly and correctly to effectively meet the market needs of “end-customers” in order to create value with competitive advantage.

 In order to grasp the opportunities, make immediate adjustments, and make correct decisions, companies must integrate external environmental conditions.Enterprises use the system's real-time and elastic characteristics to perform dynamic and fast simulations and propose adjustment measures in due course.

Companies also need intelligent, early-warning mechanisms for managing information systems automation, flexibility, and humanity.To strengthen the execution capability.Therefore, an excellent information system will inevitably become an important weapon for enterprises in the overall competition of the mall.

 Cili Information Inc. assists customers,successfully built and promoted the operation of information management systems to create operational advantages for customers.

It is our mission and value.

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