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 Features and Dominant

Exclusive patented design, unique system, mobile phone remote control can be remotely controlled. It is not only safe and reliable, but also can be extended and customized super-quality service.

(1) planning and design required for the customer, so that customers can get the maximum benefits and efficiency

(2) Complete the development according to the customer's needs, and spend every penny on the functions you need

(3) During the production period, customers are regularly informed of the progress of implementation

 Dominant 1: Reports Table and Details Table

 Buried hard to calculate a list of details?Still worrying about mistakes? Now you can get all the keys on one button.

(1) Monthly Details Table / Quarterly Details Table / Annual Details Table. A button can be all done.

(2) The customer's basic information and charges set a group of guests need to be set once, so that you are clear and convenient.

 Dominant 2: Remote APP Control

 Were you worried about that ex-boyfriend (girlfriend) to stay at home in the closet?? A while ago, when the ex-boyfriend stayed in the house to seek compounding, the sexual assault shocked many people. In the face of this problem, Cili helps you think about it, we help you think There are several ways to solve it.

(1) Message push:
whether it is an announcement/event message/The rules for renting a house can be notified through the APP.

(2) Entry and Exit Records:
Residents can use the APP to check the account entry and exit records.

(3) Payment records:
Easily query rent payment records, query reconciliation easier.

(4) Temporary password:
Tenants can open their rights and apply for a temporary password.

 Dominant 3: Exclusive Level Control

  Tenants delay payment and make you feel annoyed?All day long, mobile phones are not answered, people are not able to find them, and tenants occupy the house all day long.He refused to pay the rent and you can not do anything?These troubles Cili’s exclusive patents to solve all your troubles!

(1) The landlord saves time and effort:
Intelligent door control can remotely control the housing status and manage the accounting system based on payment status

(2) Tenant Security Enhancement:
Never worry about the loss of cards or keys!Tenants can change their own new cards and passwords without having to unlock them manually.Tenants can manage the next level of tenants.

Dominant 4: Automatic reconciliation

Get rid of the trouble of getting a bunch of numbers with the transfer account, The rent is split into several transfers and is it not clear whether the tenant pays?
Now that Cili has a virtual account concept, each group of tenants has a virtual account belonging to him.Make it easy for tenants to make payments and let the landlord easily check it out.

(1) Virtual account and payment reconciliation are very convenient:
Each customer has a dedicated payment virtual account.

(2) Automatic notification:
When you currently transfer funds to your account, The system will automatically coordinate the system and send newsletters or APP push notifications to tenants and landlords.

(3) account reconciliation quickly clear:
Fully automated without manual inspection